Jaipur Foot to help cows now

Jaipur Foot to help cows now

Shelter for amputee animals in Jaipur to be equipped with veterinary research and training wing

The world famous Jaipur Foot will now be available for cows too. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) has successfully innovated artificial limbs for amputee cows.

At a press conference here, D.R. Mehta, founder chairperson of the Samiti and trustee of Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) said that his organization would extend its program by providing a model Jaipur Foot to amputee animals that may have lost limbs in an accident or because of a disease. The Jaipur Foot for animals has been developed by the technicians of the BMVSS Centre.

Mr. Mehta said that a special shelter would be set up at Jaipur for amputee animals. This center would be set up with the support of various animal welfare organizations and would be the first of its kind in the country to also have veterinary research and training wing.

Mr. Mehta said the Indian Constitution was unique because, under Article 51 (a), it called for “compassion” to all living creatures as part of an individual’s fundamental duties.

Leading animal activists are in the city for a three-day international conference for the protection of animals which began here on Friday. Titled “India for Animals 2014” it has been organized in association with the FIAPO; Animal Welfare Board of India; Dogs Trust, UK, and Compassion in World Farming.

Shared platform

Erika Abrams, an animal welfare activist from the U.S., who have made Udaipur her home runs a center that cares for animals. She said there was an urgent need for sharing a common platform for animal welfare programs in the country and sharing of ideas.

Director of External Relations of FIAPO, Arpan Sharma said the animal welfare program in Jaipur has contributed to a drastic reduction in cases of rabies in Jaipur.

Source: The Hindu

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