Interview with Nagaraj, Arun, Rajesh, and Sridhar– iSpark Inno.

Interview with Nagaraj, Arun, Rajesh, and Sridhar– iSpark Inno.

Partner Organization Feature – iSpark innovation

Interview with Nagaraj, Arun, Rajesh, and Sridhar – Cofounders of iSpark Innovation

iSpark innovations is an organization incubated to cater to the learning needs of children strives to convert education into fun.  iSpark stands for sparking the joy of learning intuitively.  The Learning Toy, DolphiO is iSpark’s flagship product and is the child’s learning companion.  iSpark features Ii) a lovely dolphin-shaped device with child-friendly design, (ii) Built-in MP3 player and recorder, OCR module, (iii) Built-in Software and USB charging port that also allows user to download fresh content via the Internet, and (iv) set of specially printed books with alphabets, nursery rhymes, language lessons, stories. iSpark products can be shopped online at www.getmeenabled.com

We feature here the organization iSpark innovation through an interview of the co-founders.

Nagaraj, Arun, Rajesh, and Sridhar – Co-Founders of iSpark innovation

1.    Please share with us, the journey of iSpark Innovation in using technology for the cause of effective learning for children.  Specifically, how does technology help with learning retention for mentally challenged children? 

The journey of iSpark is marked by serendipity. The underlying philosophy was to make learning less stressful in a society that bets an entire human life on learning. The idea was ‘if learning is everything then why should it not be fun’. It was a great place to start and we knew it would not be easy but we said first lets at least takeaway stress from learning for children and we worry about everything else later.

Some sample books from iSpark, and the Child’s Dolphio Companion

Very quickly it became clear that learning for challenged children may be a worthwhile task and it narrowed the scope for us. Shortly after when the prototypes were built and tested we noticed that all children would benefit from it. And most of the initial success came from regular sales.

Retention amongst mentally challenged children varies depending on nature and level of disability. The traditional learning methods are less effective or partially effective and Dolphio creates a personalized connect which builds a natural bond with the child. As the bond matures the child plays and learns in a unique manner which is quite effective.

2.    Please share with us your entrepreneurship journey and what keeps you personally excited. Please share your personal story and some anecdotes that you fondly recall.

The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy – he is like a gushing stream that somehow finds a way: if a huge boulder is placed in its way, it will go around it else it will just etch away the boulder edges till it gets to the other side.  Question for all entrepreneurs is the same: how long will I be able to sustain energy to go around this obstacle?

For iSpark it has been no different. The unique thing about the product is its novelty and utility – which we have sustained so far. Commercial viability is proven too. Yet the full potential and scale this product is our next challenge. From prototype to this point, we have gone through hardships at every stage – engineering/content/design/production/distribution/sales and funding. We have come away richer in experience but our goals are still a long way to go.

3.    Would you like to share key developments in corporate, government, regulation and other ecosystems that are promoting accessibility and inclusion?  How are they leveraging your products?

Government regulation allows the corporate to get the tax exemption for spending on CSR activity and has mandated 2% of profit to be compulsorily utilized under CSR. Hence under the Corporate CSR program, many corporate are considering the adaptation of the Dolphio and extend their helping hand for educating children.

Spastic Society of Karnataka, Vagdevi Trust, Manasa Nursing home and many more associations have started recommending the product for differently enabled children.

Children in schools busy with learning with Dolphio

The product has been evaluated by DSERT in Karnataka and have recommended the same to the government for implementation.

4.    How has technology helped advance the cause of accessibility and inclusion? 

Technology advances are helping the cause of accessibility and inclusion yet there are long ways to go. As a society, we need to mature to the point that real inclusion should happen in our minds and not expect a few machines, inclined ramps, automated doors, and fingerprint access will fix the situation. In this respect, I am afraid India is years away from the goal.

If real inclusion happens in the minds of individuals then technology can be used to make the transformation smoother.


5.    What role do you see Getmeenabled.com playing in the ecosystem of disability?

 Getmeenabled is playing a pivotal role in the ecosystem of disability. Many people do not know where to source the material. In India, in remote locations, it is difficult to find a store which caters to the needs of disabled people.  Getmeenabled is acting as a one-stop shop for all the needs of disabled personnel and has the convenience of ordering on line and get the delivery at their doorstep.

Note: iSpark Innovation products can be shopped online at www.getmeenabled.com and would be door delivered to you.

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