Disability rights activists to hold protest march against govt

Disability rights activists to hold protest march against govt

Disability rights activists and members of various groups working on the issue have announced that they will hold a protest march on October 6 demanding that the Delhi government take a relook at what was promised to them.

“We the representatives of organizations working among persons with disabilities had great expectations when the Aam Admi Party formed a government in Delhi this year. Unfortunately, there has been no tangible progress in the fulfillment of the promises made by the party in its election manifesto. So far our representations have gone unanswered,” said a release.

The representatives have presented a 10-point charter of demands, which was released on Wednesday at a press conference organized to announce the launch of the agitation against the Delhi government. The demands include prompt certification, enhanced maintenance allowance, and proper education and sign language training.

“Certification is a prerequisite for any sort of entitlement for a person with disabilities. Out of an identified disabled population of 2,34,882 in Delhi, only 51,083 or a mere 21.75 percent have received certificates,” they said.

The activists are also demanding that 50 percent of the minimum wages be given as maintenance allowance. “Unfortunately, even in schools meant for the deaf, a few teachers use sign language. Also, scholarships given to disabled students, which were discontinued, have to be reviewed and resumed,” they said.

The members are also demanding that all zebra crossings have audiometric devices for the benefit of visually-impaired persons.

Source: The Hindu

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