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Back Rest

Back Rest Back Rest is lightweight and portable support, which maintains the spine in its neutral p..

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Exercising Ball

Exercising Ball Exercising ball is an excellent physiotherapy device to provide a pleasurable exerc..

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Heating Pad Ortho

Heating Pad Ortho Heating Pad is a user-friendly device to provide controlled hot fomentation. Hot ..

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Hot & Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Pack Hot fomentation of the injured or inflamed area enhances the threshold of pain ..

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Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt

Ortho Stockinette 10 Mt Made from the finest long staple cotton yarn, woven on state of art circula..

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Restrainer Tynor Restrainer is a hand/ ankle cuff designed to limit body movement or maintain the b..

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Scrotal Support

Scrotal Support Scrotal Support is designed to hold, provide compression and lift the scrotal sac. ..

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Weight Cuff

Weight Cuff The Weight Cuff is designed for a complete physiotherapy program. It has a long and dou..

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