Accord Medicals

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ABDOMINAL SUPPORT AMP-03BB06 - Recommended for use after pregnancy. Excellent tummy tr..

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ANKLE BINDER AMP:03KA01 - The ankle support provides both ankle and arch support. Reli..

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Ankle BRACE AMP-03KA02 -  Recommended for support of weak ankles or minor sprains ..

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ANKLET AMP-03KA03 - It contours the ankle gently and comfortably.Recommended for mild ..

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Arc Support .Best use in flat foot (pes planus) conditions. Decrease energy expenditure used duri..

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CAST SHOE AMP-03FA03 - Shoe allows normal walking motion and balance.Recommended in pa..

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CERVICAL COLLAR HARD ADJUSTABLE AMP-03CA02 -  Recommended for maintaining the cervical..

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CERVICAL COLLAR SOFT WITH SUPPORT AMP:03CA01 -  Recommended for use by workers also, ca..

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CERVICAL PILLOW REGULAR & ROUND AMP-03CA04 -  Used for Patients suffering from cer..

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CLAVICLE BRACE WITH VELCRO AMP:03FA01 - Recommended for postural disturbance ..

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COCCYX SEAT CUSHION "Gel Coccyx Seat Cusion can be used for the patients for Coccyx Problems ..Pa..

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CONTOURED L.S SUPPORT AMP-03SL05 - Anatomically contoured malleable splints forcorrect..

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CRAWLER CRAWLER -  Aids elementary crawling when body support is required. Rexene made..

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Diagnostic Muscel Stimulator(with TENS) "The IC based Diagnostic cum Therapeutic unit, suitable f..

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ELASTIC KNEE SUPPORT AMP-03KA06 - 250mm wide elastic body & Velcro closures provid..

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ELASTIC WRIST SPLINT AMP:03WF01 -  Supplied with adjustable Velcro closures for the mo..

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FINGER COT AMP-03FS04 -  U Shaped clip style design for easy application.Design allows..

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FOAM CERVICAL COLLAR SOFT AMP-03CA03, Made of P.U foam covered with soft cotton stock inette and..

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FRAME BACK SUPPORT AMP-03BB08 - Recommended for use by workers also, Carrying heavy we..