Contoured L.S. Belt

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Contoured L.S. Belt

Contoured L.S. Belt is scientifically designed to support and immobilize the lumbo sacral region and correct the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. Anatomically shaped splints ensure immobilization in anatomically correct and comfortable posture. Flexible sizing, Double pull mechanism, Well cushioned back pad, & Pre-contoured back splints.

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  • Anatomically contoured rigid splints maintain the natural low back curve and help in easing postural fatigue. They provide a strong immobilization of the lumbar area.
  • Double pull mechanism ensures strong fastening, effective splinting and better immobilization.
  • Ethafoam back pad offers high cushioning even in thin sections. Provides better patient comfort, without compromising on immobilization.
  • Large hook-loop panel allows controlled compression, flexibility in sizing, easy application and removal of the belt.

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