New Cycle Exerciser

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  • Weight: 7000 gm
  • Cycle Exerciser for Sports, Fitness Aid Cycling Exercises Indoor Gym
  • Vissco New Cycle Exerciser is a stationary regular cycle exerciser used in physical therapy & as a sports fitness aid
  • Cycling is a low-impact exercise to increase muscle strength and mobility of the hips and knees
  • Cycling movements assist in hip toning by muscle growth rather than fat storage and burning of calories
  • Pedaling uses thigh muscles: quadriceps (or quads on front of leg) to push down and hamstrings (on back of leg) to pull up during the circular motion
  • Cycling workout results in isometric engagement of the abdomen as a supporting muscle group
  • Range of motion exercises help improve joint function and reduce hip pain caused by bone diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Necrosis

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