Auitory Sensory Tub

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Auitory Sensory Tub

The Auditory Tub contains many carefully selected items offering different auditory sounds and musical rewards, which will encourage participation, movement, hand-eye co-ordination and communications skills. Comes with a ‘Suggested Ideas of Use’ manual written by Alison Harris – Occupational Therapist. Size of tub: 800mmW x 390mmL x 300mmH. Contents (may vary): 1 x Voice Changer, 1 x Samba Drums, 1 x Echo Bot, 3 x Soundhose, 1 x Wooden Frog Large, 1 x Squistle, 1 x Wooden Frog Mini, 2 x Wrist Bells, 1 x Supersoft Jingle Ball, 1 x Clatter Pillar, 1 x Beggar’s Drum, 10 x Kazoo 1 x Clapping Duck, 2 x Tambourines, 3 x Train Whistles, 1 x Mini Rainbow Makers, 1 x Clapping Frog, 1 x Clapping Ladybird, 1 x Football Rattle 1 x Musical Five Bells, 1 x Clapping Frog, 2 x Finger Cymbals, 6 x Chirping Straws, 5 x Talking Point, 4 x Toot Flutes, 1 x Bamboo Xylophone 1 x Natural Sounds Relaxation Pillow, 1 x Sound Memory Game, 1 x Clapping Fish, 3 x Butterfly Castanets, 2 x Egg Shakers, 1 x Cut Tube Chimes Small, 5 x UV Groan Tubes, 1 x Matching Sound Cubes, 1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub.


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