Blood Pressure Monitor


‚ÄčInfi is an advanced BP Monitor with MDI Technology .It is Infi Futura blood pressure monitor.  You can check your blood pressure Accurately on regular basis with ease and comfort at Home.

Infi Digital Blood pressure Monitor is an advanced portable device meant for daily monitoring of blood pressure between visits to the doctor. Infi Digital BP Monitor has useful features for the home diagnosis of blood pressure, you can check your bp accurately with its easy one-touch operation. Automatic Digital BP Monitor has now become a daily household item than a Medical equipment.

The patient can show the record of its previous measurements done at home and his doctor can interpret the blood pressure trends on the basis of previous records also and prescribes medicines on the basis of the analysis in place of relying on 1 single measurement done at clinic.


SALES PACKAGE Blood Pressure Monitor



  • More Accurate measurement
  • Least difference in case of repeated measurements
  • Third Generation technology is less painful for even older Patients so they also call it comfort cuff smart Inflate Technology.
  • You can immediately take a repeated measurement for comparison
  • Fast Results
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